AACE 2017 Board

All of us at A.A.C.E. board want to thank you for your membership, loyalty, friendship, and event participation during 2016 and we look forward to 2017 new events and networking !

The American Association of Colombian Engineers (A.A.C.E.) is a not-for-profit organization registered in the State of Florida under the articles of incorporation filed on March 2000.

A.A.C.E. mission is to build a network of Colombian and Hispanic Architects and Engineers to share, collaborate and network as fellow professionals and members in our community. It is very important to participate actively as group in the United States. We are celebrating 17 years of non-for-profit service association with participation in South Florida, Colombia and USA.

We hope you can join us and become a member to build a strong association, to share in the latest practices, technology, information and establish relationships. Professional contacts that may help further your career plans and business goals. You can join us by selecting one of the A.A.C.E. 2017 Membership two options to subscribe on the side-bar.

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You can also send your comments and ideas to info@aace-usa.org they are welcome and appreciated!


A.A.C.E. Board of Directors.
January 2017
Miami, FL